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Navigating The Port of Stockholm

The cruise quays at Stadsgården.

The Port of Stockholm encompasses a large area, providing services to many vessel calls during the busy summer season.

Cruise ships will use one of the cruise quays or moorings around the city, either close to Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan, or just a few miles away near the commercial port area.

Of primary concern to cruise visitors is the location of their dock with relation to major attractions in Sweden’s capital city. If you are not sure which location your ship will call on, check our cruise calendar.

Where cruise ships will dock during the 2011 season.

Popular cruise quays used by The Port of Stockholm

Closest quays to Gamla Stan:

Quays located south of Gamla Stan:

Quays located in the commercial port area, north of Gamla Stan:

  • Frihamnen – about 3 miles from Gamla Stan, which can equate to a 15-20 minute bus ride. Frihamnen is popular with ships that are turning around and embarking and debarking new cruise passengers. There is a cruise terminal offering tourist information and services (WiFii, phones, and some food). Busses (#76 takes you to popular sites) and taxis are available.  Check our article about how to take the bus from Frihamnen.
  • Värtahamnen – About  5 miles from Gamla Stan. Guests should plan on taking public transportation. Azamara Club Cruises uses this pier.
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