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Get To Stockholm’s Must-See Attractions From The Water via the Hop-On Hop-Off Boat

Stockholm Sightseeing's Hop-On Hop-Off boat

One of the most popular ways to get around Stockholm is to go sightseeing via Hop-On Hop-Off boats.

The Hop-On Hop-Off boats are popular with cruise visitors because they offer convenient access to top attractions like:  Gamla Stan, The Royal Palace, the shopping district near Nybroplan, Vasa Museum, the museums on Skeppsholmen and the open-air museum, Skansen.

The Route

Hop-On-Hop-Off Boat Route

A. The Royal Palace

Hop-On Hop-Off boat stop closest to the Swedish Royal Family’s official residence, The Royal Armory and Royal Coin Cabinet. Watch the changing of the guards or visit the Cathedral of Stockholm.

B. Nybroplan

The main ticket booth for Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing is at Nybroplan, which translates to New Bridge Square. It is a short walk from here to the popular shopping districts. In Nybroplan, you may also access boat tours to the archipelago.

C. Vasa Museum

A must-see for cruise visitors is a visit to the warship Vasa.


Enjoy the sights on Skeppsholme:  Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities and the Museum of Architecture are popular.

E. Djurgården

The boat stops by the Aquaria water museum, which is close to Gröna Lund, the amusement park. Walk across the street to Skansen, the open-air museum.

F. Cruise berths at Stadsgården 165/167

Cruise visitors calling on Stockholm who arrive at Stadsgården 165/167 are very close to a Hop-On Hop-Off boat. This is the best place to catch the boat and return to the ship at the end of the day.

G. Cruise berths at Stadsgården 158-160:

Hop-On Hop-Off boat dock next to Fotografsika, the photo museum.

H. Gamla Stan

The Hop-On Hop-Off boat dock serving Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan will deliver passengers to the historic cobblestone streets, cafes and shops.

How to buy tickets

Tickets, which are good for a 24-hour period, can be pre-purchased online, or bought at the main ticket booth at Nybroplan. Single use tickets are available on the Hop-On Hop-off boats. (this might be a time-saver if arriving to the cruise quays at Stadsgården).

The price of an adult ticket is 100 SEK, which is about US$15.88. Children between the ages of 6-11 go for half price ,and children 5 and under are free.

As an added value, cruise visitors can pay an extra 20 SEK, about US$3.18 per ticket, to get some additional perks: free admission to Gröna Lund, 50% discount to the Fotografiska, 30% discount to Aquaria and 10% discount to Skansenshop.

Cruise visitors arriving for the day will want to check the boat schedule to make sure they plan for plenty of time for crowds when having to return to the ship for “all aboard.”

Getting to the Hop-On Hop-Off Boat for cruise visitors

Cruise visitors arriving to Stockholm for the day should check our post about Where the Cruise Ships Dock In Stockholm, Sweden. If you are arriving at the Stadsgården cruise quays, use the nearby Hop-On Hop-Off boat dock, across from Fotografiska, to get a single-use ticket if you have not purchased a day pass ahead of time.

All others should proceed to the main Nybroplan Hop-On Hop-Off ticket kiosk to get the best value.  It’s a lovely walk along the waterfront of Gamla Stan and the National Palace. Need directions? Check here.

Looking for a longer tour? Check our our post about other boat or bus tours offered by Stockholm Sightseeing.

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  • David Lachar

    I am now more confused by this posting. On Tuesday 7 June we (Constellation) will be the only cruise ship in port. It was my understanding that there is a small shop at Stadsgarden that will sell a one-day Hop-on Hop-off boat pass, and actually first boats will possibly go first to the Vasa Museum site. Your description suggests that neither Stromma or R. Malaron will sell a one-day pass, only a “one use pass.” What is a one use pass and what does it cost?
    We are very pleased to be coming to Stockholm for the day and are plenty gratified that we will be the only cruise ship in harbor that Tuesday.
    Please clarify your posting,
    David Lachar
    Sugar Land, Texas

  • Carrie Finley-Bajak

    We are pleased that you will be in Stockholm as well, we look forward to welcoming you to Sweden. The Hop-On Hop-Off boat company that we are writing about is Stockholm Sightseeing – http://www.stromma.se/en/Home/

    Stockholm Sightseeing has quite a few was to explore by water, the Hop-On Hop-Off boat representing just one product. The best value is the 24-hour pass that allows for unlimited rides. As of now, those passes are available only at their main ticket counter as indicated. The boats at the other stops are able to accommodate passengers but tickets can only be for a single use (from point A to point B). By the way, I am getting confirmation for you about the price and will get back once I verify.

    What you don’t have is a lot of time in Stockholm so make the most out of it by making sure that you are not waiting in lines. You can purchase your Hop-On Hop-Off boat ticket ahead of time, walk to the boat and start sightseeing.

    When you get off the ship, look for the Stockholm Sightseeing boat dock. It is near the end of the quays, facing away from Gamla Stan (the Old City). You might be able to quickly jump on one of the boats and get to the Vasa to beat the crowds.

    If you are not in a hurry, then go into the small information booth you mention to ask about the boats. In either case, you’re going to end up at the Hop-On Hop-Off boat.

  • Carrie Finley-Bajak

    Update from Stockholm Sightseeing: Single tickets are only sold on the boat. The cost of a single ticket is 40SEK/person. You can buy the single tickets, but you cant upgrade the ticket after purchase.

  • David Lachar

    Dear Carrie,
    Have posted on this topic on Cruise Critic and have begun to collect individual passenger experiences. Do you know if the Stromma boats travel clockwise (around to the right) or counter-clockwise (around to the left), as well as the frequency of boats to a given location from 10:00 to 16:00?

    Although a daily pass looks like a relative bargain, for those of us with say only 6 hours, it may be more important to board the next boat to come along (regardless of its owner), or to select the one that is headed directly back to our ship (not going the long way around)?

    I understand that Stromma will provide boats from Stadsgarden to Vasa museum at the beginning of the day’s service to support passenger needs. Will they also provide boats directly back from various locations to Stadsgarden around 16:00 when passengers need to return to the ship?

  • Carrie Finley-Bajak

    The boats travel clockwise. I would check with your sources again that told you that there will be dedicated boats to the Vasa. When I asked, I was told that they did not offer this service. The best plan of action will be to get the first boat as quickly as possible and then head to the Vasa. From there work backwards to see how much of the day is left to explore. The actual size of the area that you are planning to cover is not that large. Where time is lost is waiting for the boat. I am not sure how many boats they have in operation.

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