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Rooftop tours offer a combination of climbing adventure plus sightseeing

Baltic cruise visitors can get off the beaten-path and explore Sweden’s capital from 140 feet above the ground while traversing the roofline of the Old Parliament building on the island of Riddarholmen.


A unique historical tour of Sweden’s capital

According to the tour company Upplev Mer “a guided rooftop tour is a historical experience within a magnificent view!”

Cruise visitors who choose to participate in this 75-minute walk are treated to panoramic views of Stockholm, which include  Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, The Royal Palace and City Hall.

The rooftop tour company has laid a track of foot-wide metal catwalks six stories above the ground on the roof of the Old Parliament building. Participants attach a line that runs from their safety harness onto the rail of the track. The walking track covers about one city block and offers a variety of terrain: up, down, and zig-zag.

Riddarholmskyrkan, the church in the background is on the grounds of a former Franciscan monastery.

A rooftop tour is a good choice for cruisers who are at least 4.86-feet tall (we’d like to see the tape for that fine measure – a bad hair day could help those who are vertically challenged qualify) and who weigh less than 264 pounds. Children under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a guardian.

This tour  accommodates only 15 people at a time. Check with your cruise line ahead of time and plan to pre-book since space is limited. Royal Caribbean is one cruise line that offers this excursion while visiting Stockholm.

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