Test Your Knowledge: Take Our Stockholm Quiz

On September 21, 2011, in Facts, IKEA, Shopping, by alundgren
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Volvo - as Swedish as it gets. Or? Photo: Volvo Trucks/Magnus Pajnert

Some will argue that Stockholm is the capital not only of Sweden, but also of Scandinavia. Others tend to either agree, or protest vehemently against such a statement: Do not forget, they point out, that there are three other Scandinavian capitals as well.

As charming, interesting and captivating as Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki are, however, support for Stockholm’s claim to the Scandinavian throne recently emerged as The Atlantic magazine ranked the 25 most economically powerful cities in the world. While Stockholm came in on 25th place (together with the Irish capital, Dublin), being last on a list topped by Tokyo and including financial centers such as New York and London, still seems admirable, capital-like, in fact.

From a Swedish perspective, at least, being considered less economically important than Buenos Aires, Melbourne and Osaka would probably seem okay — as long as Stockholm is regarded more powerful than Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo, of course. In fact, Stockholm is the only Scandinavian city on the list, and one of only six European cities included (Helsinki, though, can take comfort in the fact that the Finnish capital ranks highest among the Scandinavian capitals in the yearly Global Liveability Survey).

As someone cruising to or from Stockholm, you should know something about its underlying economy. Whether you consider yourself an expert in the field of Swedish companies, or a complete novice, you might want to try out our small quiz. Take it before disembarkation to learn some more about Stockholm and Sweden, or get the facts first and take the test once you return to your ship. The idea is simple: after going through the questions, you will find the answers at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

  1. The do-it-yourself furniture company IKEA is by many associated with Sweden. But from which country is IKEA controlled? a) Sweden b) the Netherlands c) Switzerland
  2. The retail-clothing company H&M has conquered large parts of the world. In which city is H&M headquartered? a) New York b) Stockholm c) Copenhagen
  3. Until August 2010, Ford Motor Company owned the car manufacturer Volvo. Where is the company that now controls what could be described as a Swedish icon based? a) Sweden b) the USA c) China
  4. Volvo is also synonymous with trucks and construction machines, but it’s only the name that connects the car manufacturer with the truck maker. In which city is Volvo Trucks based? a) Gothenburg b) Stockholm c) Beijing
  5. The Stockholm Stock Exchange is Sweden’s primary market place for stocks. From which country is the Stock Exchange controlled? a) Sweden b) London c) the USA
  6. One of the largest companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange is the telecommunications giant Ericsson (which is a competitor to Motorola and Nokia, among others). In which city is Ericsson headquartered? a) Stockholm b) London c) Berlin

That’s it! Now have a look at the correct answers below, and see how they match yours.

Answers: 1: b, 2: b, 3: c, 4: a, 5: c, 6: a