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Stockholm, water, beauty - words that go well together Photo: mispahn

“Beauty on water” – that’s a Stockholm slogan that cruise passengers to the Swedish capital are likely to meet a couple of times during their stay in the city. The slogan quite aptly describes the city of Stockholm: Not only is the city built on a number of islands but also it features a large number of parks and green areas.

But there are more aspects than that to Stockholm’s beauty, as reflected in a recent survey by Britain-based fDi Magazine. In the yearly European City of the Future ranking for 2012/13, the magazine reaches the conclusion that the Greater Stockholm region is the European Region of the Future.

What’s more, fDi Magazine argues that Stockholm ranks second in Europe when it comes to quality of life – surpassed only by Paris, France.

Published every second month by the Financial Times, the magazine based its judgments on statistics from 73 cities and 60 regions in Europe. Stockholm ranks high when it comes to education, life expectancy, and income.

Praise for Stockholm also came from another publication recently. When the website Travelers Digest recently ranked the world’s most beautiful men, Stockholm came out on top.

This is how Travelers Digest’s female jury explains Stockholm’s rank on a top ten list that includes New York City on second place and Amsterdam, the Netherlands on third: “Your average man in Stockholm is an impeccably-dressed clotheshorse that truly indulges in the enjoyment of the finer things in life: from food to fashion, culture to hearth. But what really makes them unique? Despite the fact that one must practice patience when engaging in the slightly bizarre ritual known as the Swedish courting process, once you have captured the heart and imagination of your elegant gent he will be devoted to you for life. What’s more irresistible than that?”

Such praise could make one wonder if fDi Magazine perhaps sent a female delegation to assess Stockholm’s advantages.

On the other hand, Stockholm’s women also ranked high on a similar list by Travelers Digest: only surpassed by Kiev, Ukraine, Swedish women were considered second most beautiful in the world.

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Beautiful men - and women - in Stockholm. Photo Henrik Trygg