Top 10 Stories On The Stockholm Cruise Blog

What are visitors looking for when they come to the Stockholm Cruise Blog? Directions and direction apparently. By directions, we mean it’s clear that visitors are looking for how to between the airport, city, hotel and ship. By direction, we mean that visitors are coming to us for advice on what to see and do. […]

Explore Stockholm Using the Hop-On-Hop-Off Boat

If you ask anyone what impresses them most about the Swedish capital of Stockholm, it doesn’t take long for them to mention their love of this city’s pedestrian-friendly nature. With well-groomed streets, narrow laneways and sidestreet shortcuts, getting around on foot is remarkably easy. But what might not be apparent to travellers visiting this fine […]

In Pictures: My Summer Cruise from Stockholm

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photograph of Stockholm has to be worth twice as many. The irresistible allure of the Swedish capital is difficult to adequately describe in words, but pictures can speak volumes. After all, how do you describe to someone what it’s like to stand on the quayside […]

A Walking Tour From Skeppsbron

On September 2, 2011, in Attractions, Gamla Stan, One Perfect Day In Port, Shopping, by Aaron Saunders

One of the best things about Stockholm is its pedestrian-friendly nature. It’s possible to walk for miles in the Swedish capital, purposely loosing yourself on the cobblestone streets and among the quaint shops and numerous attractions that make up this city. In fact, there’s so many places to visit and possible starting points that chances […]

Four Tips To Help You Get The Most Of Your Visit To Stockholm

When I stepped off my flight at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport on July 30, I immediately felt “at home,” which was an odd feeling for someone who had only been there a total of 30, perhaps 40 seconds. But when my feet hit the ground at Arlanda, I was impressed by the clean, Scandinavian design of […]

Stockholm Tips For Cruisers | Part 2 (mobile version)

Tips for spending an afternoon in Stockholm After a morning exploring the island of Djurgården, it’s time to island hop and make way to Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town. To see our recommendations for how to spend the morning exploring Stockholm read Stockholm Tips For Cruisers | Part 1. Destination: Gamla Stan Starting point: Djurgården You can […]