Test Your Knowledge: Take Our Stockholm Quiz

On September 21, 2011, in Facts, IKEA, Shopping, by alundgren

Some will argue that Stockholm is the capital not only of Sweden, but also of Scandinavia. Others tend to either agree, or protest vehemently against such a statement: Do not forget, they point out, that there are three other Scandinavian capitals as well. As charming, interesting and captivating as Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki are, however, […]

A Free Ride To Stockholm’s IKEA

On October 29, 2010, in IKEA, by Ralph Grizzle

One of the things I love about Sweden is IKEA. Of course, you don’t have to be in Sweden to shop at IKEA. The well-known brand offers a “major retail experience” in more than 40 countries and territories around the world. If you’re cruising to or from Stockholm, however, you can get a city tour […]