Planning Your 2012 Cruise To Stockholm: Make Your ‘Must-See’ List Of Top Attractions

You’re smart, and so you’ve decided not only to cruise from Stockholm in 2012 but also to stay two nights before your cruise so that you can see the best of what this beautiful city has to offer. That’s why we’re happy to provide this quick and easy guide to help you decide what you […]

Two Perfect Days Stockholm: An Avid Cruiser Feature Video

How do you spend two perfect days in Stockholm before or after your cruise? Avid Cruiser Ralph Grizzle shows you in this 10-minute show. Having trouble viewing the video? Click this link.

In Pictures: My Summer Cruise from Stockholm

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photograph of Stockholm has to be worth twice as many. The irresistible allure of the Swedish capital is difficult to adequately describe in words, but pictures can speak volumes. After all, how do you describe to someone what it’s like to stand on the quayside […]

Royal vintage at Livrustkammaren

On August 31, 2011, in Attractions, Royal Palace, by alundgren

Just as clothes make the man, the garderobe of the Royals is essential to their image. A current exhibition at Livrustkammaren gives visitors the opportunity to look closer at a number of dresses that have belonged to members of the Swedish Royal Court. Swedish fashion has developed to the point that several Swedish fashion houses […]

Cruise spotlight: Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town

Gamla Stan, full of medieval charm Gamla Stan, which in Swedish means Old Town, offers cruise visitors many must-see attractions to explore while visiting Sweden’s capital. Cruise visitors who are docked at one of the quays nearest Gamla Stan can enjoy a walk along the sea to the historic city center (see related article Where Do […]

Open Palace at the Royal Palace of Stockholm

On June 3, 2011, in Gamla Stan, Live From Stockholm, Royal Palace, Special Events, by Carrie Finley-Bajak

Cruise visitors on Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth will have a ball! Cruise passengers sailing on Cunard Line are in for a surprise when Queen Elizabeth docks at her Stadsgården cruise quay. In fact, anyone visiting Sweden’s capital might be excited to discover that on June 6th the Royal Palace in Stockholm is hosting Open Palace. Head to […]