Top 10 Stories On The Stockholm Cruise Blog

What are visitors looking for when they come to the Stockholm Cruise Blog? Directions and direction apparently. By directions, we mean it’s clear that visitors are looking for how to between the airport, city, hotel and ship. By direction, we mean that visitors are coming to us for advice on what to see and do. […]

2012 Guide to Stockholm Berthing Locations

On December 7, 2011, in Arriving By Ship, Basics, Facts, Frihamnen, Nyhashamn, Ports & Terminals, Stadsgården, Turnarounds, by Aaron Saunders

The Swedish capital of Stockholm offers a wealth of activities, exhibitions and tantalizing sights for the cruise ship passenger coming ashore here during a port of call, or for those lucky few who are able to embark their ship in Sweden’s capital. But unlike many large cities, Stockholm doesn’t just have just one berthing location: […]

Test Your Knowledge: Take Our Stockholm Quiz

On September 21, 2011, in Facts, IKEA, Shopping, by alundgren

Some will argue that Stockholm is the capital not only of Sweden, but also of Scandinavia. Others tend to either agree, or protest vehemently against such a statement: Do not forget, they point out, that there are three other Scandinavian capitals as well. As charming, interesting and captivating as Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki are, however, […]

Cruise spotlight: Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town

Gamla Stan, full of medieval charm Gamla Stan, which in Swedish means Old Town, offers cruise visitors many must-see attractions to explore while visiting Sweden’s capital. Cruise visitors who are docked at one of the quays nearest Gamla Stan can enjoy a walk along the sea to the historic city center (see related article Where Do […]

Vision turns to reality as new cruise center opens in Stockholm

Photo: Stockholm Cruise Center Stadsgården/Wikipedia It’s a win-win situation for cruise passengers and locals alike as the city of Stockholm opens a new terminal close to the city center. For quite some time, representatives of the port of Stockholm have had the vision to bring ships closer to the city center. Some eight years ago […]

Set A Course For Sweden on the Stockholm Cruise Blog

On April 15, 2011, in Basics, Facts, Live From Stockholm, by Carrie Finley-Bajak

Learn everything you need to know about Stockholm, Sweden. When visiting Sweden’s capital in conjunction with a cruise vacation, we know you have questions. The Stockholm Cruise Blog has the answers. Of primary concern to most cruise visitors are questions about logistics: Where does my cruise ship dock?  What is the easiest way to get […]